Do you live in the Milwaukee area and need chimney care? Then, rely on the team here at Ashbusters Chimney Service! We’re new to the area, but we’re not new to chimney care. In fact, we were founded back in the 80s, giving us nearly 40 years of experience making chimneys safer and more efficient!

How We Started

So, where did it all begin? Well, we started back in 1985 serving the Middle TN area. Since then, we’ve expanded to multiple locations, won many awards along the way, and have received countless positive reviews throughout the web attributing to our exceptional service.

We pride ourselves on giving back to the communities we serve, and we’ve had the privilege of serving many local organizations, clubs, and committees throughout our service areas. If you’re seeking professional care with that small-community type of service, we’re the team for you!

What brought us to Wisconsin? Well, we want to do everything possible to help homeowners all throughout the country, which means we’re always looking for opportunities to grow and expand. Our Chief Operating Officer, Kent Wessley, is from Wisconsin, and we felt it would be the perfect place to expand our team!

And now that we’re officially settled, we can’t wait to offer our services throughout Milwaukee and its surrounding towns and cities.

We’re Certified, Experienced & Educated

Like we’ve said, when it comes to experience, we come out on top. Even the most educated sweep won’t excel in this field unless they get hands-on training and in-field knowledge. There isn’t much we haven’t dealt with, so you can rest easier when you hire us whether it’s for basic seasonal maintenance or for something more unusual that only comes up now and then.

That said, certifications and training are vital, too! Things are ever-changing and evolving in this industry and knowing the latest trends and techniques is a must when it comes to keeping customers safer and happier. That’s why our techs are certified with the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA).

The CSIA is nationally recognized for training sweeps and educating homeowners when it comes to maintaining safer fireplaces and chimneys. If you’re looking to get the most out of every burning season, hiring a CSIA-certified chimney sweep is a must!

You can also rest assured that we look for opportunities to grow and become better year after year, whether that means signing up for extra training, attending seminars, or seeking out other opportunities to learn more about our trade. And the CSIA requires recertification every few years, so we’re always up to date there, too!

About Our Services & Products  

So, it’s clear we know what we’re doing, but what do we offer in terms of services and products? Here’s a brief overview.

  • Chimney Sweepings: Creosote in your flue needs to be regularly removed, as this flammable substance can cause clogs, break down your masonry, and potentially trigger a chimney fire. Our sweeps will do a thorough job to ensure nothing dangerous is left behind.
  • Chimney Inspections: When completed annually, chimney inspections help to ensure your system is functioning efficiently and safely. Your sweep will check for damages, broken parts, buildup, clogs, and anything else that could put you at risk during the burning season.
  • Chimney Repairs: We offer a long list of chimney repairs! Some of these include tuckpointing, masonry/brick repair, leak-related repairs, flashing replacement, crown repair, and relining work. Questions? Feel free to reach out!
  • Chimney Caps: Chimney caps are a vital piece of chimney anatomy. They work hard to keep pesky creatures out of your flue, along with leaves, twigs, and any outdoor debris that could blow in and block things up. They also block downdrafts, put out stray sparks, and keep out rain, sleet, and snow. We’ll ensure yours is in good condition and installed correctly!
  • Fireplace Facelifts: Need to freshen up your fireplace’s look? A facelift may be in order. Choose from brick, metal, tile, stone/cultured stone, or cast concrete!
  • Gas Service & Repair: Gas appliances are known for their efficiency and convenience, but if they’re not installed right or regularly serviced, you could face some serious issues. Count on our experts to do the job right, every time.
  • Dryer Vent Cleaning: Chimneys aren’t all we take care of. We also offer dryer vent cleanings, ensuring your appliance is able to run efficiently, while also minimizing your risk of experiencing a dryer fire.

Now’s the Time – Give Us a Call!

Fall is here and winter is just around the corner. If you’ve been putting off chimney care, now is the time to give us a call! Book your appointment today, so you can rest easier as you spend evening after evening by your cozy hearth in the months ahead.

We look forward to speaking with you soon!