It’s easy to get lost in the fun and excitement of summer and forget about things that should be done to prepare for the colder months. We get it! When enjoying warm summer days by the beach the last thing you want to think of is cold winter evenings when you’ll need your fireplace and chimney to keep you warm and toasty.

However, if you want to be prudent in your home maintenance, you should schedule your chimney sweep and inspection early – long before you’ll need to get the fire going to keep warm. Homeowners often question this… Is it really necessary to schedule my chimney inspection and sweeping so early? And during the summer, at that?

Honestly, no. While scheduling your annual inspection at some point before the start of your burning season is necessary, scheduling early isn’t a must. But we guarantee that you’ll save yourself a lot of stress, time, and often money by getting this simple service booked today.

What to Expect From a Chimney Inspection

If you haven’t had your chimney inspected before, there are certain things you need to expect during the process. This inspection involves looking for damages, hazards, and abnormalities in your chimney that can affect the chimney from functioning properly and safely.. These may include damages to the cap, damper, flue liner, or the exterior structure. Your chimney sweep will determine the level of inspection that is best suited for your situation. Let’s get familiar with the three levels of inspection.

  1. Summer Chimney Inspection - Milwaukee WI - Ashbusters chimneyLevel One: This is the most basic type of inspection, during which your inspector will only observe the accessible portions of your chimney for minor damages. The accessible parts of a chimney include the damper, firebox, flue opening, and firebox, among other exterior parts. These parts are typically the determining factors for combustion deposits and possible obstructions.
  2. Level Two: Level two inspections include all the areas in a level one inspection, as well as a detailed examination of crawl spaces, the roof, and the attic to ensure there is no damage to your chimney system in these areas. This level requires the inspector to use a camera to observe any changes to the inside of your chimney and flue liner. If your chimney has recently experienced a malfunction caused by a chimney fire, been through a hurricane, or had a change of appliance or fuel source, it’s due for a level two inspection. These are also required during real estate transactions.
  3. Level Three: A level three inspection is warranted if your chimney is suspected of hidden problems which require the inspection of concealed areas, which may require the total renovation or rebuilding of the chimney. They often require access through construction material adjacent to the chimney such as drywall. A level three inspection is often more detailed than the other levels, which is why the early scheduling of a chimney inspection is necessary to detect major issues like these. Otherwise, you’d be footing the bill for a massive renovation and be without a functioning fireplace for some key time in the winter.

What Are the Benefits of an Early Chimney Inspection & Sweeping?

Why is scheduling early always the better route?

  • Easier Scheduling: If you have a busy household, you know how hard it can be to make any appointments – be it for home maintenance, doctor appointments, school meetings, or whatever else. And come fall, it seems that things only get more hectic. Unfortunately, our calendars getting fuller too when temps drop, so finding a convenient time can prove challenging. If you schedule now, finding the ideal date and time shouldn’t be an issue.
  • Catch Problems Earlier: Homeowners cannot diagnose chimney problems on their own. Letting the professionals inspect your chimney early can help address problems immediately, whether they’re minor or major – and prevent the minor ones from becoming major. Your chimney sweep can also provide you with a long-term care plan to ensure your chimney is well-maintained over time.
  • Protect Your Investment: Your house is perhaps the most significant investment you’ve made, and if you have a fireplace the value of your home is likely higher than a home without one. Scheduling a chimney inspection early is one way to protect your investment, ensuring you get everything you’re entitled to come time to sell.
  • Better for the Sweeps: Summer is the best time for inspections, as the chimney sweep can navigate the vital parts of your chimney with ease during warm weather. Having your chimney inspection scheduled when ice and snow is already piling up on your roof is counterproductive and may prevent the chimney sweeps from working efficiently.
  • Great for Masonry Work: Aside from inspections, summer is also the perfect time for masonry work, especially when chimneys require repairs. During the summer, the warmer temperatures allow the materials in your chimney to cure more quickly than they would in the fall or winter. Once your chimney is adequately cured and everything dries, waterproofing will protect the masonry work and make it last for decades.
  • Remove Excess Creosote: Scheduling ahead of time will allow the chimney sweep to remove excessive creosote that causes deterioration, as well as foul smells, in your chimney during the summer. Creosote’s smell is often described as the smell of rotting or burning wood, and this can cause health hazards, especially for people with asthma, allergies, or other lung problems. Your guests may even notice the smell if you haven’t had your chimney cleaned.
  • Summer Chimney Inspection - Milwaukee WI - Ashbusters homeTake Advantage of Discounts And Promos: Chimney companies typically offer promos and discounts during the summer seasons when they’re not so busy and loaded with customers. You’ll also have more expenses during the winter seasons to prepare for the holidays. Lessen the financial strain by booking your inspections ahead of time.
  • Avoid the Holiday Rush: Most people have their chimney swept or inspected during the holiday season. If you stay ahead of them by booking yours during the summer, you’ll obtain the peace of mind you deserve, knowing your system will run safer and more efficiently thought it all – without having to wait in long lines for calls or appointments with a chimney company.

How Often Should I Schedule Chimney Inspections?

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends scheduling a chimney inspection annually to prevent chimney fires, carbon monoxide poisoning, and more, and to ensure that you have a functional chimney whenever you need it. Regular chimney maintenance is also a good practice in extending the life of your chimney and maintaining the value of your home.

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