Masonry structures are a popular choice for homes and establishments. They create a rustic appearance and offer a more traditional appearance, giving whatever structure they’re built for a timeless and classic aesthetic. That said, while brick looks pleasing to the eye when it’s first constructed, its appearance can deteriorate as time goes by.

Over time, the mortar joints between your bricks can discolor and begin to crumble, which is an eyesore and not great for structural sounds, either. If your system is starting to break down, count on our experts for quality tuckpointing services.

Tuckpointing Defined

Tuckpointing is the process of replacing your old, worn out mortar. This doesn’t just consist of putting any random mortar mix into the structure – it also means matching the color of the bricks to provide a more natural and seamless look.

But it’s not just about aesthetics. Tuckpointing also protects the structure from deteriorating and crumbling even further over time. Sealing and waterproofing the mortar joints prevents moisture and liquid from being absorbed by the structures, ultimately helping them last longer.

Why Is Tuckpointing Important?

As mentioned, there are two main reasons why homeowners choose to invest in tuckpointing for their buildings, homes, and chimneys – appearance & structural integrity.

What Is Chimney Tuckpointing? - Milwaukee WI - Ashbusters brick1. Appearance of the Structure 

Although appearance doesn’t directly affect the integrity or strength of a structure, it’s an important factor that must be considered. For example, business owners often invest in various masonry repairs and upgrades to ensure that the structure is attractive enough for their customers. Having a structure that is pleasing to the eye gives the impression that the place is well-maintained, safe, and worth visiting. The same can be said for homeowners that are looking to sell their homes and wish to leave the structure in good condition for their next owners. 

Tuckpointing revitalizes the mortar joints and makes the structure look fresh and new, no matter how much time has passed since it was first built.

2. Prevents Further Damage

Having old and worn mortar joints does not necessarily mean that the structure will begin tilting, collapsing, and crumbling right away. However, it does allow moisture to seep into the gaps if left unresolved. 

The structure will still stay upright even if the mortar joints are not in the best condition. However, the longer it is left with worn mortar joints, the more vulnerable it becomes to further damage. Once water or other liquid begins to seep into the bricks, the structure becomes weaker and less sturdy. Over time, the damage could evolve into an issue that is more serious and more expensive to address. 

…the longer it is left with worn mortar joints, the more vulnerable it becomes to further damage.

If the mortar joints in a chimney are left unresolved for a prolonged time, then the chimney could collapse on the roof and cause further damage to the property. Along with this, if a chimney begins to crumble, then it could obscure the pathway of smoke, fumes, and carbon monoxide from a fireplace and keep it trapped within the property.

When Is Tuckpointing Necessary? 

What Is Chimney Tuckpointing? - Milwaukee WI - Ashbusters chimMost brick structures will remain in good condition for about 20 to 30 years. Once the structure reaches this age, the mortar will start to gradually deteriorate. From there, owners should be vigilant and keep a close eye on any cracks or crumbling that may occur on the bricks.

Chimney tuckpointing is best performed during the summertime or spring. The materials used in masonry repairs will need time to set and cure. Doing it in warmer weather is more beneficial, as doing the work in moisture-heavy seasons increases the likelihood of repairs in the near future. 

Don’t Forget About Waterproofing

Masonry repairs like tuckpointing are an investment that will help a home or establishment last longer throughout the years. Because of this, taking extra measures to keep your system protected after repairs are complete is a must. Cue waterproofing.

Waterproofing protects your naturally absorbent mortar and brickwork. A protective vapor permeable sealant is applied to the chimney, which means no moisture will be able to penetrate the structure, even through different seasons and harsh weather conditions. Along with this, the vapor permeability ensures the bricks can still breath out any water that’s still inside, as well as any necessary fumes or vapors.

Count On Our Professional Masons

Masonry repairs, like tuckpointing, require the experience and knowledge of a skilled mason. Aside from matching the color of the new mortar to the bricks, the workers will also have to consider the composition of the materials. It’s a skill that takes time and dedication to perfect.

Getting these jobs done by a skilled worker decreases the likelihood of mistakes and ensures that all processes are being performed to high standards by someone who knows what they’re doing.

Gain access to high-quality chimney tuckpointing and masonry repair services by working with us today. Call 414-310-3487 or reach out online now.