Scheduling & Getting Ready for Your Appointment: What You Need to Know

Sometimes, not knowing what to expect can be a good thing. But not when it comes to having work done on or in your home. So we put together a quick little guide to scheduling and prepping for appointments. Here’s what you need to know.

Knowing What Time of Year to Schedule

The best time to schedule routine care – like annual chimney inspections and cleanings, dryer vent cleanings, and even masonry repair – is during the spring and summer months when the weather’s great. That’s when we’re able to offer faster, more flexible scheduling and knock out those projects for you.

While we’re happy to help anytime, if you wait to schedule until fall and winter, you’ll likely have to wait longer for service – because that’s our busy season. By scheduling early, you can check chimney maintenance off your to-do list and be ready to fire up the fireplace when those colder temps come around, without waiting on us.

Of course, if you have a chimney leak or a nesting animal in your flue, you can call us anytime. Just let us know what you’re dealing with, so we can prioritize your appointment, as these are more pressing issues.

Keeping Track of Appointments

We know how it goes. You mean to schedule your annual service in the spring or summer, but you forget about the fireplace until the temps drop. Hey, it happens! And maybe you’re hesitant to schedule routine service well ahead of time because you’re afraid you’ll forget about an appointment you made several months out.

Not to worry.

We offer our clients annual service reminders (so you don’t forget when you’re due for routine chimney care) and appointment reminder calls 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. That way, you’ll never miss an appointment.

Prepping for Your Appointment & What to Expect the Day Of

Before we show up to do the work, we need a little help from you. Here’s what you can do:

  • Don’t use your fireplace or stove the day of your service or the day prior. We need the appliance to be adequately cool so we can get right to work.
  • Please remove any ash in the firebox prior to our arrival.
  • Just to be safe, we ask that you clear any fragile items from the fireplace and mantle area and clear a 5-6 ft. space around the fireplace for our techs. This allows them to set down drop cloths and tools that they’ll need during the service.

That’s it. Your help really makes the day go smoother, so thank you!

Now that your work is done, on the day of your appointment all you have to do is show us where your fireplace is. Of course, you’re free to watch us work and ask questions. We love educating our clients, so we welcome the curious!

Now, let’s get that appointment scheduled. Call 414-626-5636 or request an appointment online today. We look forward to helping keep your Milwaukee area home safer, cozier, and more enjoyable. Talk to you soon.


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