Does Your Chimney in Waukesha Need a Custom-Fitted Cap? Ashbusters Chimney Service Is the Team to Trust

What’s a chimney without well-functioning components? If you’re in need of a new chimney cap in Waukesha, Goerkes Corner, Duplainville, Bethesda, Pewaukee, Edgewood, Calhoun, Prospect, Guthrie, Saylesville, Pewaukee West, New Berlin, Brookfield, Franklin, or somewhere else in the area, give our team a holler today.

The chimney cap is one area of your system that takes on multiple roles. It protects your chimney from outside threats (like animals, water, and debris), it ensures downdrafts don’t swoop through your flue and affect airflow, and it even stops stray sparks and embers from landing on your roofing materials.

That said, a cap can’t do an effective job for your chimney if it isn’t fitted correctly. That’s why working with a team that’s trained and dedicated to safety and precision is essential. Fortunately for folks throughout Waukesha, installing custom-fitted caps is one of Ashbusters’ many specialities.

Birds, Water & Debris: What Harm Do They Do?

What do you have to lose by not investing in this affordable chimney component? Well, we’ve mentioned the possibility of harmful things entering your flue, but what harm do these things actually do?

Let’s start with water. When water has easy access to the inside of your chimney, your liner materials will break down a lot quicker than normal. This means less protection for your home, less efficiency when operating your fireplace, and more costly repairs.

Water damage can also cause damage and stains to your walls, ceiling, and attic. In the end, you’ll be more prone to experience mold growth, masonry decay, rotting woodwork, and more.

And if animals get in? Well, first of all, nesting materials can clog up your flue in a hurry. Combine that with smelly feces, noisy babies (your chimney is an ideal place to raise young), and the possibility of critters getting stuck and passing away in there, and you have a whole slew of potential problems coming your way.

And don’t forget about outside debris. Even if animals don’t get in, wind and bad weather can send in all kinds of leaves, twigs, and other materials.

Isn’t it more worthwhile to invest in an affordable chimney cap now than to shell out money for larger repair and restoration services down the line? We think so. 

Let our experts come out to your home on Wisconsin Avenue, College Avenue, Prairie Avenue, West Avenue, East Avenue, Moreland Boulevard, Summit Avenue, Northview Road, Grandview Boulevard, James Street, Estberg Avenue, Douglass Avenue, Roberta Avenue, Coolidge Avenue, Windsor Drive, Belmont Drive, Barstow Street, Grand Avenue, Kimberly Drive, Hine Avenue, Washington Avenue, or anywhere else in town to resolve your chimney cap woes as soon as possible.

Ashbusters’ Full List of Services

There’s no doubting the importance of a well-fitted and sturdy chimney cap. But there are countless other services we can offer in addition to this, all of which ensure your chimney stands tall and strong for years to come.

First of all, don’t forget to schedule annual chimney inspections. These help guarantee that flaws and buildup are spotted and taken care of well before lighting your first fires of the year. If we spot unsafe levels of creosote, a chimney sweeping is in order.

We also offer a wide range of repair services:

Finally, talk with us about a fireplace facelift, gas service & repair, dryer vent cleanings, and (like we’ve mentioned) a custom-fitted chimney cap.

Personalized Care Is a Phone Call Away

A cap custom-fitted to your chimney isn’t the only thing we can personalize to you. When you work with us, we’ll adapt all of our services to your specific set up, ensuring you get the quality care you deserve. Wherever you are in Wales, Milwaukee, Glen Oaks Estates, Vernon, Genesee, Genesee Depot, or any of the towns surrounding, don’t hesitate to reach out at 414-626-5636 today.


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