For Professional Gas Services in Oconomowoc, Rely on Ashbusters Chimney Service

The efficiency of gas appliances is hard to beat, but if they’re not well-maintained you can forget about it! If you live in Oconomowoc, Oconomowoc Lake, Cedarburg, Summit Corners, Okauchee, Summit Center, Monterey, Stonebank, Nashotah, Mapleton, Chenequa, Ixonia, Delafield, or somewhere else nearby, rely on our professionals for it all.

Convenient. Easy-to-use. Efficient. Low-maintenance. These are just a few ways to describe your gas appliance, and if you’re like most, you love everything these systems have to offer. Unfortunately, all these great features tend to create the illusion that your unit doesn’t need as much professional attention as its wood-burning counterpart.

Not true! The truth is that gas appliances need just as much care as any other fuel type. This means scheduling those yearly inspections with a team of professionals that really knows their stuff. And fortunately for homeowners throughout Oconomowoc, the Ashbusters team is qualified to assist.

I’ve Booked My Inspection! Now What?

So, what does an inspection from our team entail? Well, with gas models we’ll start by inspecting all of the components of the unit (the gasket, pilot light, burners, etc.). We’ll then check for proper clearances and make sure everything was installed and connected correctly. And don’t worry about the glass because we’ll make sure it’s clean and spotless, too.

And if issues or damages are discovered? We can handle it. In the end, we want to be certain your system is both functioning efficiently and not putting your home and family at risk – annual inspections are a surefire way to do just that.

We’d be happy to come to your home on Summit Avenue, Wisconsin Avenue, Concord Road, Franklin Street, Main Street, State Street, Lyman Street, Oak Street, Park Street, Labelle Avenue, Coolidge Street, Oakwood Avenue, Wilson Street, Washington Street, Cherry Street, Blain Street, Allen Road, Jefferson Street, Dorchester Drive, Hancock Drive, Revere Drive, Cannon Gate Road, Dante Drive, or anywhere else in between. So, call today! There’s no time to lose.

All About Ashbusters’ Services

We’re happy to service gas appliances all throughout the area, but feel free to reach out no matter what fuel type you’re using! From sweepings to inspections to repairs, we strive to do it all for our customer base. Be sure to rely on us for the following chimney and fireplace services:

Does your dryer seem to be operating less efficiently? We’d love to help with that, too. We offer dryer vent cleaning services, so be sure to book this important maintenance with our crew every year to keep your dryer functioning as well as possible.

We’re Ready for Your Call!

We have customers all throughout Lac La Belle, Concord, Mequon, Dousman, Ashippun, Franklin, New Berlin, Milwaukee, and more, and we’d love the opportunity to work with you, too. Dial 414-626-5636 now to schedule an appointment. We’re here for you!


We travel to Cedarburg throughout the year to take care of our customers’ chimney and dryer vent needs … we’re proud to include them in our service destinations.