New Fireplace in New Berlin? Be Sure to Rely on Ashbusters Chimney Service for Maintenance & Repairs

Need chimney care in New Berlin? Even a brand new fireplace needs regular attention from a qualified sweep! If you live in or somewhere close to Calhoun, Prospect, Golden Country Estates, Tess Corners, Hales Corners, Durhamswood, Elm Grove, Squire Glen Estates, Goerkes Corner, or Muskego, don’t hesitate to work with the best – that’s us!

Recently invest in your dream fireplace? Then it’s imperative you find a team that can take care of it! There’s no denying fireplaces add an unbeatable ambiance to the home, and they are known for upping the value of the property, too. Needless to say, doing everything you can to protect your investment is a must.

Not sure where to start? Well, one necessity is scheduling yearly inspections to ensure everything is in tip-top shape before starting each burning season. Yup – even a new fireplace needs an annual overview!

Fortunately for those with little to no issues every year, our level one inspection should suffice. This includes a look at all readily accessible parts of the appliance. We’ll let you know if we see anything concerning or any creosote buildup.

We also offer level 2 and 3 inspections for times when a more extensive look is needed. In the end, one thing is certain – whatever you need, our crew can provide it.

Regular Maintenance Is Always the Cheaper & Safer Route

Now, we get questioned a lot about just why regular maintenance is so important. Chimneys are strong, sturdy structures… Are they really that prone to issues? Well, first of all, if any damage or deterioration is present in the chimney, it can be dangerous to use. And there’s simply no way of knowing if there’s damage without a professional evaluation. 

Smoke backup, carbon monoxide leaks, and chimney fires are a few examples of harmful things that can occur. These can easily be avoided by getting that regular maintenance in.

Along with this, the sooner any problem areas are addressed, the less expensive your repair costs will be over time. Basically, investing in annual inspections and small affordable fixes right now is always going to be better than paying for time-consuming and expensive reconstruction work a few years down the road. (Or a new system altogether.)

Even something as simple as replacing a chimney cap will make a huge difference for the health of your chimney! If your cap is broken, or even missing, and you’re unaware of it, you’re going to be inviting water, outside debris, and animals into your chimney – all things that wreak havoc on your system.

What Can Ashbusters Do for You?

So, let’s say we’ve visited your home in New Berlin and discovered your system needs some TLC. What can our crew offer in terms of repairs, restorations, replacement parts, and more? Here’s our full list of services:

We’ve got you covered!

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