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For a thorough, accurate evaluation regarding the health of your chimney system, it’s important to hire a sweep that really knows their stuff. But finding a team that has experience, training, and integrity can be tricky. Fortunately for homeowners living in the Milwaukee area, it doesn’t have to be. All you have to do is call on the experts here at Ashbusters!

Is Your Sweep Focused on You?

It’s an unfortunate truth in the chimney industry that not every sweep has the same motives in mind. A certified team like ours strives for customer safety and satisfaction above all else, but there are companies out there that will do whatever they can to bump up the price and take advantage of an unsuspecting customer.

These sweeps prey on the fact that most homeowners don’t have the technical knowledge we do about their chimney. They may tell you that you need a sweeping when you really don’t, and some will even urge you to invest in expensive repair work when your system is actually quite sound.

If you ask us, when you find a team you can trust, you should stick with them! That’s why our customer base keeps coming back to us year after year for all of their regular maintenance, repair work, restoration needs, and more.

The Three Levels of Chimney Inspections: What You Need to Know

So, where does it all start when it comes to chimney care? Inspections. Annual inspections are the key ingredient to a healthy chimney system, and our CSIA-certified sweeps can perform all three levels of inspections, ensuring you get what you need no matter what.

Each inspection has its own set of requirements and the type you’ll require can depend on any number of things. Here’s a bit of info on each, so you know more about what to expect.

  • Level One Inspections: The level one inspection is all that most people need for their yearly maintenance (if they’re diligent about scheduling it). When we perform these, we’re not expecting major issues, but we may notice that a few areas need attention or that you may be due for some new parts soon. We’ll also keep an open eye for creosote buildup.
  • Level Two Inspections: A level two inspection is more in-depth and requires the use of camera equipment to get up close and personal with your chimney. These are recommended for chimneys that haven’t been professionally looked into for quite some time or that have undergone some major recent changes (such as reconstruction work, changes in fuel type, etc.). Level two inspections are also required when buying/selling a home (your home inspector’s analysis won’t be enough) or after a natural disaster, such as a hurricane, tornado, flood, lighting strike, or other event. You’ll also need one after a chimney fire or house fire.
  • Level Three Inspections: Level three inspections are rarely required. If we believe there’s a defect hidden that we cannot access, we may need to remove parts of your wall or chimney to gain more insight. This will only be done when completely necessary and if a level one or two inspection revealed that hidden damages are likely present.

All About Our Many Services

So now you know what to expect when you hire us for your chimney inspection. In addition to inspections, we offer chimney sweepings, chimney caps, fireplace facelifts, gas service and repair, and the following chimney repairs:

And don’t forget to ask about our dryer vent cleaning services if your vents are due for it!

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What happens if you live in Waukesha and need some chimney repair? Well, you’re good to go because Ashbusters Chimney provides expert chimney and dryer vent service to folks in that location!