Ashbusters Chimney Service is the Go-To Company for Chimney & Dryer Vent Services in Franklin

Need a hand with your chimney or dryer vent in Franklin, Saint Martins, Durham, Lake Brittany Estates, Durhamswood, Hales Corner, Union Church, Tess Corners, Golden Country Estates, Squire Glen Estates, Brookfield, or somewhere else in the area? We’ve got your back.

Need a custom-fitted chimney cap, a dryer vent cleaning, and a fireplace facelift, but don’t feel like dealing with multiple companies to get the work done? We get it. Scheduling maintenance can be time-consuming and – let’s face it – a bit of a headache.

Wouldn’t it be great if you found one reliable company that’s easy to work with for it all? Well, for Franklin residents, that’s just what you get when you work with our crew! Here at Ashbusters, we offer a wide array of chimney services, ranging from repairs to facelifts to gas services and more.

And for those looking to get their annual dryer vent cleaning in, we can handle that, too! Basically, we want to be your one-stop-shop for it all.

Why Trust Us?

Why do homeowners living on Ryan Road, Puetz Road, Forest Hill Avenue, Lovers Lane Road, St. Martins Road, Church Street, Forest Home Avenue, Rawson Avenue, Drexel Avenue, Oakwood Road, Franklin Drive, Cascade Drive, Beacon Hill Drive, Hunting Park Drive, Valley Drive, Acre Road, Sharon Lane, Anthony Drive, Lakeview Drive, Plaza Drive, Heatheridge Drive, and more continue to rely on us?

One thing we pride ourselves on is maintaining a certification with the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). This organization has decades of experience training sweeps across the nation, and it sets the standard in terms of chimney safety and care. If you want the job done right, hiring a CSIA-certified tech is a must!

We are also known for going above and beyond for our customer base. This means putting in the extra time to ensure every service is completed mess-free and in a professional manner. We’re in-depth, honest, and strive for customer satisfaction above everything else.

In the end, when you work with our team, you won’t be left dealing with people who try to upsell services or don’t take your needs into account. And we always maintain open lines of communication, ensuring all of your questions are answered along the way. Our service is personalized to you!

What We Offer

Looking for a full rundown of everything we offer? No problem. Our chimney services include all of these:

And as mentioned above, don’t forget to book your dryer vent cleanings with us, too! This important maintenance minimizes the risk of dryer fires and carbon monoxide leaks significantly. Not to mention, it ensures your dryer runs with optimal efficiency for the long haul.

Call 414-626-5636 to Schedule Your Appointment!

Whatever you need, reach out to us to learn more about how we can help you out. If you live in or anywhere near Greendale, Kneeland, Greenfield, Muskego, Woodcrest Heights, Lake Forest, Oakwood, or Raymond, please give us the opportunity to provide our top-notch services to you today. We’d love to help. Call 414-626-5636 or reach out online to get started.


All of our New Berlin customers are delighted to be included in our service locations because they know their fireplaces and chimneys will be in good shape all year long.