Keep Your Delafield Home Safer With Regular Chimney Sweepings From Ashbusters Chimney Service

Chimney sweepings are vital in maintaining a healthy chimney and a safer home. If you live in or near Delafield, Nashotah, Waterville, Summit Corners, Chenequa, Pewaukee West, Summit Center, Okauchee, Oconomowoc, Mequon, Wales, Hartland, Dousman, or Edgewood, let us look your chimney system over today!

Fireplaces add an unbeatable aesthetic to any living space, which is a big reason why so many people have them on their home wish list. That being said, a fireplace that isn’t maintained can knock your home’s value down in a hurry! That’s why both inspections and sweepings are such an important part of chimney maintenance.

If you’ve hired Ashbusters to come to your Delafield home and we’ve determined that your creosote levels are dangerously high, then it’s imperative that we do a sweeping before you put your system to use again.

The Inside Scoop on Creosote

So, what exactly is creosote and what’s so bad about it? Creosote is a substance that clings to the wall of your chimney as you burn fires. It’s a byproduct of wood combustion, so avoiding it altogether isn’t an option. But you can reduce the rate at which it forms by burning hotter fires, using only seasoned wood in your fireplace, and maintaining good airflow.

What makes creosote especially harmful is its flammable nature. The more of it you have, the higher your risk will be of experiencing a chimney fire. These are extremely damaging to your chimney system, and they make it unsafe to use your fireplace until all damages are addressed.

Possibly the most concerning thing about chimney fires is their typically quiet, slow-moving nature. Yes, some are loud, attention-drawing events, but most occur without the homeowner even knowing! This could lead to some serious threats to your home and family, such as structure fires, gas leaks, smoke exposure, and more.

The most effective way to ensure your creosote levels stay in check is to invest in annual inspections. The team at Ashbusters can do a thorough overview of your system, then schedule a sweeping if necessary. Once we’re through, you can rest easier throughout your upcoming burning season, knowing your fireplace is running better than ever!

We’d love to visit your home on Nagawicka Road, Oakwood Road, Milwaukee Street, Main Street, Nashotah Road, Vettelson Road, Kemper Street, Wisconsin Avenue, St. Johns Drive, Lake Drive, Oak Street, Division Street, Lapham Peak Road, Carriage Hills Drive, Shore Drive, Woodland Park Drive, Hillcrest Drive, Sylvester Drive, Price Road, Hirschman Lane, Ridley Road, Evergreen Lane, or any of the streets, courts, or anywhere surrounding. So whatever you need, give us a call – Ashbusters Chimney Service is qualified to handle it all!

We Offer a Comprehensive List of Chimney Services

Eager to learn more about all we offer homeowners throughout Milwaukee and its surrounding towns and cities? Like we’ve mentioned, chimney inspections and chimney sweepings are an essential part of chimney maintenance, and our experienced crew would love the opportunity to take care of both for you.

We also offer a wide range of chimney repairs. These include chimney masonry repairs, chimney relining, HeatShield® applications, and chimney leak repair.

Seeking a new chimney cap? We’ve got you covered. Does your fireplace need a facelift? We can handle it! We are also here to tackle all of your gas service and repair needs.

Finally, don’t forget to schedule your annual dryer vent cleaning with one of our professionals. A clean dryer vent makes for a safer, more efficient dryer!

Better Chimney Care Is Just a Phone Call Away

You deserve the best, so call us out to your home in Cedarburg, Stonebank, Ottawa, Bethesda, Milwaukee, Waukesha, Brookfield, Franklin, or anywhere else close by today. Dial 414-626-5636 to schedule with one of our friendly team members.


Living in Oconomowoc? Then you’re in a location we visit regularly to make sure our customers’ chimneys are in safe working order.