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Looking to get the most from your fireplace? Then a well-fitted, properly functioning chimney liner is essential. Chimney liners are known for optimizing the efficiency of your appliance by encouraging smoke and fumes to safely travel up and out of your flue (allowing you to enjoy your fireplace worry-free).

Chimney liners also play a major part in protecting your home and masonry. Without one in place, the heat and flames from the fire in your fireplace would break down your brickwork in a hurry, opening pathways for dangerous gases to enter your living space.

You’d also see more creosote buildup, which can lead to chimney fires that can spread quickly to the rest of the home.

In the end, we believe you deserve a fireplace experience that is as safe and enjoyable as possible! So if your chimney liner isn’t up to par, let our team of experts help.

Chimney Liner Repair & Restoration

There are a couple of ways we can restore a damaged liner. The first is by using HeatShield®. HeatShield® is a great option for some and eliminates the need for a full relining job. Essentially, we apply a cerfractory sealant to your flue to fill any cracks, gaps, holes, or other imperfections. 

There are three different HeatShield® methods, so we’ll figure out which is best for you based on your system’s unique needs. Once the job is completed, you’ll have a smoother, stronger system that’s ready for your next burning season!

Another option is to invest in a stainless steel liner. When it comes to top-notch protection and performance, stainless steel is hard to beat. It can be used with any fuel type, it comes with a lifetime warranty, and it’s known for withstanding just about anything. If this sounds like the better option for you, we’d be happy to help!

Let’s Get Started – What Can Ashbusters Help You With?

Now, relining work isn’t all we offer to Cedarburg homeowners. In fact, we have a full list of services, ensuring your chimney is taken care of, no matter what your needs are. From basic maintenance, like sweepings and inspections, to more extensive repair jobs, we strive to cover it all.

Not sure where your system stands? We encourage you to review our full service list and reach out with any questions. We offer the following:

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