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For reliable chimney repair services in Brookfield, citizens don’t have to look far – we’re here to help with it all! Join your neighbors in Elm Grove, Calhoun, Goerkes Corner, Marcy, Butler, Duplainville, Wauwatosa, New Berlin, West Allis, West Granville, Milwaukee, Franklin, Fussville, Lannon, and the neighboring areas by trusting our experts with your next chimney service.

Is your chimney masonry deteriorating? Is your liner in need of repair? Are leaks wreaking havoc on your brickwork?

Repairs are often an essential part of maintaining a well-functioning chimney, but we get that it’s not everyone’s favorite investment. That’s why we do everything we can to make the process as seamless and affordable as possible.

How do you know that Ashbusters is a reliable team you can trust with it all? Well, we’re certified with the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), we’re known for our mess-free and professional service, and our customers’ satisfaction always comes first. Along with this, because we’re trained to provide a long list of services, you can make us your one-stop shop for it all! No more calling around all day for service from multiple companies.

Still on the fence? Ask your neighbors on Capitol Drive, Brookfield Road, Calhoun Road, Burleigh Road, River Road, Pilgrim Road, Lisbon Road, Lilly Road, North Avenue, Gebhardt Road, Elm Grove Road, Moorland Road, Corporate Drive, Barker Road, Parish Drive, James Road, Arroyo Road, Logan Drive, Ashlea Drive, Brooklawn Drive, Cherry Hill Drive, Beverly Drive, Woodview Drive, and elsewhere. We have happy customers all throughout the area!

In the end, we’re a company that’s not going to let you down. We love serving the communities around Brookfield, and we know you’ll be glad you chose us.

All About Our Repair Services

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that neglected chimneys break down a lot quicker than those that get routine professional care. In the end, deteriorating masonry and busted up fireplace parts will lead to inefficiency, a lowered house value, and potentially dangerous scenarios for your household.

We offer repair services that guarantee better-looking, longer-lasting systems. These include masonry services, like tuckpointing , brick repair/replacement, chimney rebuilds, and even outdoor fireplace/firepit and outdoor kitchen repairs!

We can also tackle any leak-related damages. Water and unprotected masonry are no match for each other. Unfortunately, for those with damaged flashing, missing chimney caps, and unprotected brickwork, the likelihood of experiencing masonry deterioration, mold growth, cracking, decay, flue clogs, stains, and more will go up significantly.

Fortunately, if you have any damage, we can locate the source of the problem for you, then take the appropriate steps to resolve it. This could mean installing new components, waterproofing your bricks, fixing your flashing, or even restoring those receding mortar joints. 

Basically, whatever you need, we can get the job done for you.

Finally, let’s touch on our relining services. A faulty liner can lead to inefficiency, a crumbling structure, and harmful fumes entering your home. When it comes to chimney health, this is one area where you simply cannot skimp. Fortunately, we can resolve your issues with HeatShield® or a new stainless steel liner – both are great options that we are happy to discuss with you!

Our Team Is Ready to Help!

The Ashbusters crew is ready to visit your home in Willow Springs, Waukesha, West Milwaukee, Sussex, Pewaukee, or anywhere else surrounding. Call us at 414-626-5636 for the mess-free, professional care you deserve.


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