Got a Leak? We Fix Leaky Chimneys!

CSIA Certified Chimney Experts. 

Top Signs of a Chimney Leak

  • Water in your fireplace.
  • Dripping sound coming in your chimney or fireplace when it rains.
  • Rusted chimney cap or chase cover, or rust staining on the chimney bricks.
  • Flaking or crumbling bricks/mortar
  • Wood rot or mold in your attic
  • Water-damages walls and/or ceilings

We Don’t Just Repair The Damage, We Stop The Problem

When we are working with a chimney leak, we do a detailed inspection of the whole chimney system to identify what is causing the leak. Whether it’s a improperly installed cap or chase cover, damaged masonry or chase, or old flashing, we’ll repair it and make sure your chimney system stays dry and working efficiently.


Don’t Put Off Leak Repairs

A leak might just seem like an inconvenience, but water is actually the #1 cause of chimney deterioration, and prolonged exposure to water can cause some serious problems to your chimney system. Don’t wait – if you have a leak, give us a call today!

Ashbusters Chimney Caps

Why Our Customers Love Us

The guys did a great job! When the sales guy showed up (on time) he was knowledgeable and professional and then when Steven Barrett showed up for the install of my new chimney cap he was very professional and very easy going. Very excellent experience.

– Mike Z.


Tim Simpson did a fantastic job repairing the chimney on a home that we recently purchased. Our fireplace was totally unusable but after a cleaning and inspection, Ashbusters put together a plan to get everything in working order again. Thank you Tim for helping us enjoy our fireplace!

~ Scott J.


We recently had Ashbusters replace our firelogs and the company as well as the technician, Joe, were extremely professional, communicated in a timely manner and completed all work in a very efficient timeframe. I highly recommend Ashbusters.

~ Jocelyn S.