Don’t Call a Roofer for Your Chimney Leaks

A roofer cannot properly repair your chimney or fireplace system. Instead, turn to certified chimney experts to maintain the integrity of your structure and avoid spending money on the same project twice!

How to spot a chimney leak:

water droplet

Notice white efflorescence on your chimney’s masonry.

water droplet

See water pooling in the firebox or hear it dripping down.

water droplet

Have buckling or broken flashing around the base of your chimney

water droplet

Spot water damage in your ceilings or walls.

What to do when a leak is found: Call an expert

Repairing water damage can require extensive masonry work on your chimney and your fireplace due to the deterioration of the brick and mortar structure. Don’t wait until there is a serious problem to repair your chimney leaks!

We inspect your chimney to identify the source(s) of your chimney leak, present you with our findings, then make recommendations for repairs.

Choosing a certified chimney sweep is an important step in being certain that you can safely enjoy warmth and comfort. Our CSIA certified technicians have experience, knowledge, and training for chimney sweepings, and we promise on-time and reliable services!

What You Get (And What You Don’t) When You Work With Ashbusters Chimney

Whether you’re shopping for beer, cheese, things to do, or chimney sweeps, Milwaukee residents have plenty of choices. And we know that the more choices you have, the harder it can be to decide. We want to help.

Here what you get with us:

  • Professional-grade, top-shelf products and materials
  • Mess-free service through the use of drop cloths, foot covers, and HEPA vacs.
  • Master masons with the skills and knowledge needed to make both minor and extensive repairs
  • Certified chimney sweeps and dryer exhaust technicians who know what to do and how to do it
  • Advice on the best hearth products and expert installation
  • Respectful and consistent communication
  • Fair pricing
  • Respect for your time
  • Friendly service

Here’s what you don’t get with us:

  • Short-term solutions that don’t serve your higher good
  • Last-minute cancellations or no-shows
  • Unreturned calls and messages
  • An unprofessional crew that makes a mess of your home
  • Shoddy work and unattractive, unsafe results

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