Sick of looking at your old, outdated fireplace? A fireplace can greatly enhance the aesthetic of any living space, but if it’s drab and lacking style, then it can seem like a giant eyesore.

Fortunately, thanks to the qualified techs at Ashbusters, an unattractive fireplace isn’t something you have to feel stuck with. We can perform a fireplace facelift, giving your system a new lease on life and allowing you and your loved ones that pleasant and warm aesthetic you’ve been missing.

What exactly is a fireplace facelift? Well, during this process, we remove your current faceplace facing, then work with you to create a newer, fresher look that’s more appropriate for your living space. Turn your visions into a reality by calling on us today!

Exploring Your Options

We have 5 great options for fireplace facelifts, ensuring you’re left with a fireplace system you can be happy with for years to come.

1. Cast Concrete: If you have a clear-cut vision for what type of fireplace front you want, cast concrete is a great option as you can order a design in the exact shape, size, color, finish, and texture you’re picturing. This style is solid and heavy, too, so you can bet it will last. That said, because it tends to weigh more, you’ll want to check the weight limits of your hearth support before making any commitments.

2. Cultured Stone or Stone: With stone or cultured stone we get to put a modern spin on a classic style. Not to mention, there are tons of color and pattern options (like marble, limestone, granite, slate, river rock, etc.), so you’ll have limitless options – and you’ll definitely find something you can love for the long haul.Wondering which is better for you – stone or cultured stone?

Well, like cast concrete, stone is a heavier option, so you’ll have to keep those weight limits in mind as you move forward. It also tends to be pricier, which may cause some setbacks for those with a tighter budget. Cultured stone is man-made, lighter in weight, and is typically much more affordable. It’s all about what’s best for your home and budget! We’d love to discuss options with you.

3. Tile: If you’re really wanting control over your customization options, tile may be your best route. It comes in a wide range of shapes, colors, and textures, all of which are easy to form in a variety of patterns. Your customization options will be endless! It’s also versatile, so whether you’re looking for something modern and contemporary or something more classic and traditional, finding the perfect design won’t be an issue.

4. Metal: Sometimes homeowners want something that really stands out and with a metal design you’ll definitely get that. This is a more modern route to take, and it gives a really sleek and streamlined look to your space. If you’re into a more minimalist look, this will definitely give you that! And you can choose from many different colors and finishes, so it’ll be unique to your tastes.

5. Brick: Finally, there’s the classic and traditional brick styles. When most people think of a fireplace or chimney, brick is the first material that comes to mind! This option is reliable, durable, and it’s definitely timeless. For some, brick and fireplaces simply go hand-in-hand and we’ve got lots of options to pick from if this is the way you’d like to go. (Just keep those weight limits in mind, again. This is another heavier option.)

Is There an Ideal Time for a Fireplace Facelift?

Fireplace facelifts are one of those services we can complete all year long, so don’t stress too much about finding the “perfect time” to get this service done.New Year Fireplace Facelift - Milwaukee WI - Ashbusters image

That said, there a couple times where it might be more ideal if you’re already needing other chimney maintenance done, as well. The first is if you’re replacing an insert or prefabricated fireplace. Since you’re updating your space already, now is a great time to throw a fireplace facelift into the mix, as well.

Another good time to get this service completed is during a relining job. These require quite a bit of work anyway, so it just makes sense to get a facelift done while we’re already tearing things apart.

Trust Our Team Every Step of the Way

Ashbusters is a company with over four decades of experience in the chimney field. We’re fairly new to the area, but we’ve got businesses up and running in numerous other areas throughout the US!

We pride ourselves on being CSIA-certified, and we always take the time to ensure our customers’ questions are answered and that they stay well-informed and educated on all things chimney and fireplace. We are trained, knowledgeable, and we offer mess-free and thorough care to homeowners all throughout the Milwaukee area.

Ready to get started working with our team? We’re here for you! Contact us today, so that we can get started. We’re excited to speak with you soon!