Fireplaces provide comfort and a peaceful ambiance during the cold months of winter as we gather around them with family and friends. But what about now, during the warmer months? What can be done with our fireplace when it’s not being put to use? Well, if you’re planning on giving your fireplace an update, spring and summer is the perfect time of year!

The technicians here at Ashbusters Milwaukee are trained and prepared to tackle a wide range of updates and repairs. Turn

Which Repairs Should Come First?

Now, updates are great and all, but if any damage are present throughout your system, these should always be completed first and foremost. Consider the following services before diving into any updates or renovations:

  • Chimney Inspection: Chimney inspections should be performed annually, and now is the time to get them done. Come fall, our schedule books get overloaded fast, so this isn’t a service to put off! The sooner we can got spot issues and address them, the sooner we can invest in upgrades… and the sooner you can get to use your fireplace when temps drop.
  • Chimney Sweeping: There’s no denying that a dirty chimney can cause many problems like a smelly house or poor airflow. But if we let our chimney go through multiple burnings seasons without getting swept, these issues will only worsen, and could eventually lead to a chimney fire. Creosote from unburned wood particles is highly combustible, and even ⅛ of creosote buildup is enough to cause this type of fire. It’s better to be safe than sorry – schedule a sweeping today.
  • Tuckpointing: The Milwaukee area gets its fair share of ever-changing weather – namely sleet and snow – along with varying temperatures. This triggers the freeze/thaw process and could result in damages to your masonry. The longer this process goes on without intervention, the more costly the repairs could get. Spring and summer is the best time to have necessary tuckpointing repairs, as well as waterproofing services, completed.

These are three of the more common services our customers might need, but here at Ashbusters, we offer all kinds of repairs including relining, leak repairs, crown rebuilds, cap replacement, gas services, and more. Whatever your chimney system needs, our team is trained and certified to get the job done. Our trained technicians carry CSIA (Chimney Safety Institute of America) certifications and gas technician certifications from NFI (National Fire Institute), so you can bet we know our stuff!

Ready for a Fireplace Facelift?

You may already have a tough, hard-working fireplace to get you warm in the winter… But have you ever stopped and considered if your system is still meeting your design preferences? If your answer is no, then now might be a good time to invest in a make-over – get that fireplace a facelift.

We offer many different materials to choose from when completing our facelifts. Choose from brick, stone, cultured stone, metal, tile, or cast concrete. All have their own advantages – it’s just about finding which is best suited for your needs.

Need some guidance? We have all the facts on proper clearances, as well as any potential material limitations that should be considered. For instance, using real stone might not be doable due to weight restrictions on your system. However, you may be able to use cultured stone instead! Just give us a call with questions, and we’d be happy to help.

What About a Changeout?

Looking to convert from a masonry system to a prefab one? Or vice versa? We’ve got you covered.

We can also help you switch fuel types. Many opt to replace their wood-burning system with a more low-maintenance gas option, in which case an insert may be the right choice for you. The cost and ease of this are dependent on the gas line, as well as various other factors. If this is something you are interested in, give us a call so we can assure it gets done the right way the first time.

Why Spring is the Best Time

Springtime is always the best time to get things done for your chimney and venting system. All chimney service companies are busier during the fall because no one thinks about their fireplace until the first cold snap – and when that happens everyone calls at once. If you get everything taken care of in spring or summer you won’t be stressed and waiting come fall. Give Your Fireplace a Lift This Spring With Our Fireplace Update Options Spring

The other reason we like coming out in the spring and summer is to evaluate your structure for water damage and potential leaks. Spring is typically when rain peaks and we often find issues that can and should be addressed promptly. If we find these in the dead of winter, repairs can be a lot harder to complete – and you may have to put them off until spring come back around.

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It’s important to pick the right team to work on your chimney and fireplace system. Ashbusters Chimney Service will get the job done for you just the way you want it. Call us at 414-310-6874 today to schedule your next appointment.