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Why is waterproofing my chimney important?

water drops on green leaves with rain falling in the backgroundThough it looks and feels solid and impenetrable, masonry is actually more like a sponge than you’d think. In fact, moisture is easily absorbed and then stored in brick and mortar. Over time, this moisture will eat away at your chimney and can cause all sorts of damage that can become expensive to fix. And, of course, damage to your chimney can lead to further damage to your home as well (like staining on the walls or wood rot).

Waterproofing your chimney is part of a maintenance process that will ensure a long life for your chimney, as well as safety to the structure of your home.

How can water damage my chimney?

There are a number of different components that make up a chimney. From the metal chimney cap and flashing to the concrete chimney crown, your chimney is made up of things that provide a way for smoke and other byproducts to get out – all while keeping moisture and debris from getting in.

Water can cause metal to rust, and it can penetrate brick and mortar, starting up something called the freeze/thaw process. This happens when moisture gets locked into the pores of your masonry and freezes. The expanding water molecules put pressure on the pores in your brick and mortar until small holes and cracks form. When it warms up, the moisture melts and there is suddenly room for more moisture to collect in the small holes and cracks.

And thus the cycle continues… This process goes on and, before you know it, those pores that turned into small holes and cracks have now become large, crumbling pieces of chimney that are falling apart and causing your structure to be unstable and dangerous.

Stop water from entering in the first place by investing in waterproofing services with us. Call or book online today.

How often should I have my chimney waterproofed?

There are many things that can determine how often you need to waterproof your chimney.

  1. One is the type of materials that are used. If solutions you apply are not vapor permeable, you run the risk of trapping moisture underneath your waterproofing job and further damaging your structure.
  2. Another determining factor is the climate you live in. Here in the Milwaukee area, we deal with big swings in temperature – heat in the summer, freezing weather in the winter, rain in the spring, and wind in the fall. All of this will contribute to the frequency of waterproofing your chimney needs.
  3. Perhaps the most important factor in how often your chimney needs waterproofing will have to do with the expertise in which the job is done. If the solutions don’t cover every spot, then the time and money spent are wasted.

A job done professionally can last for many years – most warrantied at 10 years – however an amateur job will most likely last only a year or less. So, is trusting an expert to handle it a smart investment? We say yes.

Can I waterproof my chimney myself, or should I hire a professional?

At Ashbusters Milwaukee we highly recommend hiring one of our professional chimney techs to take a look at your chimney and waterproof it, if needed. The advantages of a professional over a DIY approach are endless. Our professionals can spot areas in your chimney that need special care or repairs before applying sealants to the masonry. If this isn’t done you run a great risk of actually causing damage with your waterproofing.

Another thing our chimney techs can do is make sure that every single area on your chimney that needs waterproofing is covered. This is a skill that comes from experience. It is easy to lose track of what has and hasn’t been covered, as well as miss areas that you didn’t know needed to be waterproofed in the first place. Our techs at Ashbusters are highly trained and experienced. They will make sure it is done right and done well. This will save you money in the long run.

Of course, working with a chimney is naturally dangerous due to its location and structure. Without the proper tools and safety precautions you run the risk of serious injury if you try to do it yourself. Ashbusters techs have everything necessary to do a job efficiently and safely.

What are the signs that my chimney needs waterproofing?

a broken down and damaged red brick masonry chimneyThere are many signs that suggest that waterproofing is necessary. The most obvious is leaking and water getting into your chimney or your home. Be on the lookout for water spots on the walls or moisture forming on the lining of your chimney flue.

Another thing to keep an eye out for is cracked or crumbling masonry. This generally means that water has begun its damaging work within the brick and mortar of your chimney. 

It is important that any leaks are repaired before waterproofing. If you waterproof first, repairs get a lot more difficult to carry out. Sometimes it can even lead to a worsening of the leak, rather than making it better.

How much does chimney waterproofing cost?

The cost of a waterproofing job varies a lot depending on the size and condition of the chimney that is being worked on. If you’ve waited a little bit too long to waterproof, then there can be damages and leaks that need to be worked on first. It’s always a safer bet to waterproof before it’s obvious that there is anything wrong. Waterproofing, as a preventative measure, is cheaper than waterproofing as a reaction to leaks or damage.

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