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Why You Should Schedule Annual Inspections?

What one thing can reduce your fire risk, keep costly chimney and fireplace repairs at bay, and give you peace of mind every time you light a fire in your fireplace? An annual chimney inspection.

Annual chimney inspections allow you to get the eyes of a pro on your chimney system – inside and out – every year. Which means, if fire risks, damage, or other issues or concerns are present, you’ll know about them early. And when you know about them, you can proactively do something about them.

That’s why the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) recommend that every chimney system be inspected once a year, regardless of use. The NFPA also provides guidance on what should be included in each inspection, so nothing gets missed. As CSIA- certified sweeps, we follow NFPA codes and standards to the letter – including those around level 1, 2, and 3 inspections. We’re happy to offer all three to our clients throughout the Milwaukee area.

Count on Ashbusters Chimney Service

Choosing a certified chimney sweep is an important step in being certain that you can enjoy warmth and comfort safely. Our CSIA certified technicians have experience, knowledge and training for chimney inspections, sweepings, and repair services if needed so you can feel confident in choosing us as your chimney home service experts.

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Why Our Customers Love Us

The guys did a great job! When the sales guy showed up (on time) he was knowledgeable and professional and then when Steven Barrett showed up for the install of my new chimney cap he was very professional and very easy going. Very excellent experience.

– Mike Z.


Tim Simpson did a fantastic job repairing the chimney on a home that we recently purchased. Our fireplace was totally unusable but after a cleaning and inspection, Ashbusters put together a plan to get everything in working order again. Thank you Tim for helping us enjoy our fireplace!

~ Scott J.


We recently had Ashbusters replace our firelogs and the company as well as the technician, Joe, were extremely professional, communicated in a timely manner and completed all work in a very efficient timeframe. I highly recommend Ashbusters.

~ Jocelyn S.