Damaged Chimney Exterior? Chimney Masonry Repair Is a Specialty of Ours

As a homeowner, you want your home – including your chimney – to look beautiful and remain strong and stable throughout the years. But as durable as it is, sometimes masonry needs a little TLC. Because out there in the real world, your masonry faces a big threat: water.

Close up of brick chimney with mortar on the bricks and a yellow level resting on top of it lumber an extra bricks in the background

Here in the Milwaukee area, we get our fair share of crazy weather. All that snow, rain, sleet, and ice doesn’t just take a toll on us – it takes a toll on the masonry of our chimneys as well. If not addressed, moisture damage can cause some problems:

  • Cracking and spalling brick
  • Receding and cracking mortar joints
  • Complete masonry destruction

We Can Restore or Rebuild Your Masonry Chimney – And We’ll Do the Job Right

If you’ve seen any of the above on your chimney, call on Ashbusters Chimney. We specialize in chimney masonry repairs and can:

  • Remove and rebuild chimneys
  • Build chimneys
  • Repoint damaged mortar joints
  • Repair or replace old brick

As master masons, we’ll perfectly match brick and mortar, so your repair work looks beautiful and lasts for years. But our masonry expertise doesn’t end with the chimney and fireplace…

We Can Even Repair, Rebuild, and Construct Your Outdoor Fireplace, Outdoor Kitchen & More

As master masons, we can take care of more than just your chimney. We also offer a range of other masonry services, including all these:

  • Outdoor fireplace construction, rebuild, and repair
  • Outdoor kitchen construction, rebuild, and repair
  • Firepit construction, rebuild, and repair
  • Wood-fired pizza oven construction, rebuild, and repair

Just let us know what you need, and we’ll get the job done right.

You can count on us because we’re experienced, highly trained, and CSIA-certified. We stand behind our work and we always give our clients in Milwaukee and the surrounding areas our very best on every job.

So let’s get your masonry repairs taken care of before the damage gets worse. Call 414-626-5636 or request an appointment online to get started.


Chimney relining is one of those chimney repairs that isn’t obvious to the untrained eye, but it’s really important to proper chimney performance and safety.