Want to Stave Off Major Chimney Repairs? Then You Need a Quality Chimney Cap

As a homeowner, you want to do everything possible to avoid major, costly repairs. After all, you can think of more exciting ways to spend your money, right? We agree – and there’s one small investment that can do a lot of work to protect your home against some seriously destructive things – and that’s the chimney cap.

The chimney cap is the metal covering that fits just above the chimney flue. Its role is to prevent rain, snow, sleet, hail, birds, and small animals from getting into your chimney. And there’s good reason to want to keep those things out.

Before and After Chimney Cap Louisville Photos of chimney on a roof

Louisville – Chimney Cap Before and After

before and after chimney repairs Tellico Village Chimney Cap Installation

Tellico Village – Chimney Cap Installation

Fountain City Chimney Cap Before and After

Fountain City – Chimney Cap Before and After

Here’s a look at what happens when water, birds, and animals are allowed into your chimney system:

  • Rain, snow, and sleet can quickly rust the important components of your chimney, causing mass deterioration to the firebox, damper, and metal chimney liner of your system. And rusted, deteriorated chimney systems are both unattractive and unsafe.
  • Moisture from the elements can also break down clay flue tiles, again making the chimney system inefficient and unsafe.
  • When water is allowed into the chimney system it can wear down the masonry of the chimney, compromising its structural integrity and longevity. Additionally, water can then damage walls and ceilings near the chimney, as well as cause wood rot in the attic and walls.
  • Birds and animals that nest in the chimney can cause blockages in the flue with their nesting materials. Not only are these materials flammable and capable of causing a chimney fire, but they can also prevent smoke and carbon monoxide from safely escaping the home.
  • Birds and animals can bring feces, bugs, and other unwanted things into your home. They may even fall down into the fireplace or get caught inside the chimney and die.

We’ve just described several unwanted situations, all of which can be prevented with one simple, small chimney cap. So if you look up at the top of your chimney and don’t see a cap – or if the cap you see is rusty or no longer covering the entire chimney flue, it’s time to call Ashbusters.

We specialize in chimney cap fitting and installation, and no matter what size or style you’re after, we can find it or make it. That’s right, we build custom chimney caps for single and multi-flue chimneys. That way, every one of our clients in the greater Milwaukee area is guaranteed a perfect fit and perfect protection.

Call Today – We’ll Get Your Chimney Fitted for a Cap That Truly Protects

Prevention is always the best investment. If your chimney cap is missing or no longer doing its job, give Ashbusters Chimney a call. We can provide the perfect cap and the perfect fit, so you can rest easy with each downpour, knowing your chimney is protected. Call 414-626-5636 or reach out to us online to schedule an appointment.


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